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Online bookings

Online Bookings:


Welcome to Black Label online bookings section. Here you are able to request a booking with any one of our listed models. The form below, once filled out, would be sent across to us and we would look into your enquiry at the 1st chance we have.


Please fill in all the boxes located on the form; they are there so we do not need to contact you asking for the relevant information. If the situation does arise that we do need to contact you, do let us know what is suitable or convenient for you in the special requests box.


In the case you need an immediate response, do contact us on) 750 777 0070

    Please do remember this is only a request / enquiry form, for a possible booking with one of our London escorts. Filling in this form does not guarantee your booking is confirmed with us or the model, due to the fact we need to confirm it with the model first and then reconfirm it with you.

    Once the model has confirmed that she is available at the specified date and time, we will contact you via mobile or email to reconfirm the specification / details of the meeting. Do let us know which form of contact is suitable or convenient for you in the special requests box.


    In the event the model is not available, we again will contact you via mobile or email to inform you of the situation and see if we can find a suitable replacement for your meeting with one of our lovely London escorts. We will do our very best to arrange your meeting with the companion you have requested, but there are times this is not possible.


    Again if you do need to contact us quickly, be it regarding your meeting request, to inform us of changes or anything else that may be of importance, we do recommend you to contact us directly on +44 (0) 750 777 0070, since this way we can guarantee our full attention immediately to the situation at hand.

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