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Refund policy

Since is offering a service, we do not issue refunds once the order is completed and the time has been spent with the said model/models. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing/meting any of our models listed on our site.


However, we realize that exceptional circumstance can take place with regard to the character of the product that our models supply. The following refund/s are only available to credit card payments or any other form of transfer payments made prior to the meeting/s.


Therefore, we DO honour requests for the refund on the following reasons:

  • non-delivery of the meeting: due to some circumstances that are within or outside of our control, or our models control, causing the failure / meeting not to happen. In this case we recommend contacting us for assistance immediately. Claims for non-delivery / non-meeting must be submitted to us within 24 hours from the organised meeting date. Otherwise the meeting will be considered to have happened;


  • model not-as-described: in this case, do contact the agency immediately. Since all of our pictures are genuine, if a model who is not the model that has been organised for arrives, do contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation, via a full refund or organising a new model to be sent to the meeting. Complaints which are based merely on the customer’s false expectations or wishes are not honoured, so do take care in making your selection and read all the relevant information carefully.


  • dis-satisfaction with the model: in this case, do contact the agency immediately. If the model does not reach the standards set by her profile, be it in her look, clothing, manners or any such qualities, she must be sent away within the first 15 minutes for you to qualify for a full refund or for an alternative model to be organised for the said meeting.


  • Change of mind or circumstances: due to the changing of customers mind or their circumstances, we will offer a 90% (due to incurred cost in dealing with the transactions) refund, if and only if informed 24 hours prior to organised meeting time. Under extreme circumstances we will accept a 90% refund 12 hours prior to the organised meeting time. If this case, you must contact us immediately to inform us of the changes.


If the customer feels that they have strong reasons for a refund that are not listed above, do contact us to discuss the circumstances. We place our customers first and foremost and will do everything in our power to make all refund transactions and smooth and efficient as possible.

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