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Moscow Escorts

Moscow escorts not only look like they’ve just stepped off the pages of the glossiest magazine, but our girls offer personalities to match their beauty.

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Moscow is the capital city of Russia and, in both historic and current terms, a place of genuine global and iconic significance. Any attempt to summarise everything which Moscow has to offer in a few hundred words is always going to be forced to leave out much more than can possibly be included, but the over-riding message is simple; Moscow, like London and New York, is one of those cities which everyone should visit at least once if they possibly get the chance to do so.

The sheer size of Moscow, which has a population of more than 13 million people, can make it seem more than a little overwhelming at first, but the fact that the centre of the city itself is relatively compact means that it can be explored on foot. Of course, there are good points and bad points when it comes to walking around the Moscow, the good being the chance to admire the stunning architecture of iconic places like Red Square from close range, the bad being the sub-zero temperatures which tend to be a feature of Moscow winters.

The underground metro system in Moscow makes it easier to get around, and is worth visiting just to take in the stunning architecture of the stations themselves. Combine this with regular and affordable bus, tram and trolleybus services and you have a public transport network which allows you to save your feet for exploring the museums and art galleries.

Perhaps the best place to begin exploring Moscow is in the streets surrounding the Kremlin, the traditional seat of the Russian government. The fact that most of the areas surrounding the kremlin itself are pedestrianized makes exploring a pleasure, as does the presence of ornate cathedrals sporting opulent golden domes.

Also in the centre of Moscow is Red Square, an area which will seem instantly familiar thanks to the sheer number of times it has appeared as the backdrop to film and television presentations, whether factual or make believe. The most striking feature of Red Square is St Basils Cathedral, which combines onion domes and bright colours to produce an effect reminiscent of a fairy tale.

Away from the buildings and urban life you’ll find the 170 acres of Gorky Park. The river Moskva sweeps through the park which is packed with visitors more or less all year round, and the attractions include an open air amphitheatre and sports facilities.

One thing for which Russia as a whole has always been famed is the seductive and sultry beauty of its’ women, and the Moscow escorts supplied by Black Label London escorts agency more than live up to this reputations. Not only do they look like they’ve just stepped off the pages of the glossiest magazine, but our girls offer personalities to match their beauty. Intelligent, friendly and beguiling, they’ll use all of their charms and talents to ensure that your stay in Moscow is memorable for all the right reasons. Black Label London will handle all of the arrangements with discretion and professionalism, while our Moscow escorts will handle every client  with the utmost care.

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