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Chelsea Bridge Wharf Escorts

Whether you opt for incall or outcall, you’ll find that our Chelsea Bridge Wharf escorts are the most stunning you’ve ever seen.

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High Class Chelsea Bridge Wharf escorts

One of the reasons why London has, over the years, grown to become one of the few genuinely global cities is the presence of the river Thames. The access to water and a means via which to bring goods and people in and out of the city helped to encourage the ‘birth’ of London as a city in the first place, whilst the presence of a major waterway has become an iconic symbol of the city.

This is particularly the case when considering the bridges which cross the Thames. Few other cities can boast as many famous bridges as London, from the traditional splendour of Tower Bridge to the cutting edge architectural styling of the Millennium Bridge, many of them have appeared time and again on television and cinema screens whilst one – London Bridge – even has the honour of a nursery rhyme in its name.

Compared to these more famous bridges, Chelsea Bridge may not have a high public profile or a widely recognised visual style, but what it lacks in publicity it more than makes up for in the appeal of the areas which it offers a link between.

The bridge which stands today is actually the second Chelsea Bridge, linking Battersea on the south bank of the Thames with Chelsea on the north. The modern Chelsea Bridge was opened in 1937 and carries motor vehicles and pedestrians. For a while, during the 1950’s, the bridge was the scene of motorcycle races on Friday nights, as rival gangs met up and competed with each other. A violent incident which occurred in 1970 brought an end to this practice and, although motorcyclists still met on the bridge the races no longer take place.

What makes Chelsea Bridge a pleasing spot to visit are the attractions which can be accessed on either side of the river. On the Chelsea side you’ll find the high street shops of the Kings Road and the boutique offering of Sloane Street, whilst the Battersea end of the bridge leads easily to the green spaces of Battersea Park.

The 200 acres of Battersea Park, which were reclaimed from marshland in 1858, are typical of the kind of inner city parkland of which Londoners are rightly proud. Just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, visitors can enjoy relaxing gardens, designated nature reserves, peaceful riverside strolls and a host of sporting activities, ranging from jogging and football to rowing, rollerblading and croquet.

We like to think that our Chelsea Bridge Wharf escorts offer just one more enticing reason to visit this corner of London. Here at Black Label escort agency we pride ourselves on offering a service which is completely professional and second to none in terms of both quality and value. Whether you opt for incall or outcall, you’ll find that our Chelsea Bridge Wharf escorts are the most stunning you’ve ever seen. Our girls not only look beautiful but they know how to treat clients, behaving in a manner which is friendly, welcoming and devoted to providing satisfaction. If we supply you with a Chelsea Bridge Wharf escort she’ll use her skills, talents, looks and personality to leave you completely satisfied and doubtless eager to visit again.

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