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International Travel Escorts

Our dedication to catering to our clients also extends to offering bespoke international travel escorts arrangements.

Travel Companions – Stunning and elite

The key to the success of Black Label London escorts is that we go out of our way to ensure that very one of our clients is able to access exactly what they desire. We’re a premier high end escort agency and the foundation of our success is built upon things such as the quality of our girls, the professionalism of our service and the fact that clients can relax in the knowledge that they have a guarantee of excellence.

The first part of offering this choice involves working with a range of International travel escorts able to meet the varied desires of our clients. That means we have girls from all over the world and of every shape and type. From curvy young blondes to dusky ebony escorts, we offer girls who are beautiful enough to be in demand as lingerie and bikini models, and friendly and approachable enough to make every moment of the time you spend together an absolute pleasure.

Our dedication to catering to our clients also extends to offering bespoke international travel arrangements. Many of our girls are available to travel all over the world, some throughout Europe and some just in the UK, so if you’re going to be in a certain country on a specific date and would enjoy some charming female company, then take a look through our galleries and profiles and see if the girl of your dreams is available to travel to where you’re going to be. The standard of the models we supply is so high that we’re completely certain you’ll be able to find a model or models that you’d be more than happy to share your trip with.

Once you’ve made your selection then simply contact us and we’ll handle the logistics. The details will vary from case to case, but initially we’ll confirm that the travel companion of your choice is free to travel on the dates that you’ve selected, and that she has time to apply for any visa or other travel documents.

Once you’ve confirmed the booking, if you’re a new client, then we’ll ask you to transfer the cost of any flights to us as well as a 50% deposit on the girls’ fee. If she is to stay in your home or hotel then the accommodation will be in your hands, although we can make hotel bookings in the same manner that we arrange flights. Come the day of the booking, the travel escort you’ve selected will fly out to you to be met at the airport and transported to your accommodation, where she’ll spend the duration of the booking making sure that you have the best possible time, before being paid the other 50% of the fee and flying back home.

The details might vary from girl to girl, client to client or country to country, but the principle is the same. You can rely on Black Label London to work with you in order to make sure that the girl of your dreams is there exactly when and where you want her to be. All we ask is that you give us enough time to handle the details, and the rest is in our capable hands.

International Travel Escorts

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