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Enjoy a Nice Warm Spring without Jetting Off Abroad

Well, it seems winter is back with a vengeance. Despite the fact that the vernal equinox has been and gone and the clocks have been put forward, large parts of the nation are still feeling the effects of freezing cold temperatures and wintry showers of snow.

How can this be? One minute we’re stocking up on firelighters and baps; the next we’re wrapping up like arctic explorers and turning the central heating back up to ‘FULL’.

Of course, the normal reaction to weather events like this is to consider jetting off somewhere hot and sunny overseas – assuming the snow doesn’t cancel flights, that is.

Ahh, but the idea of spending a week somewhere where hot, sun filled days and balmy fun nights are standard is pretty appealing isn’t it? Somewhere in the Med would do nicely, or perhaps the Canaries.


If you are fortunate enough to be one of the few who is not struggling for cash at the moment then you may be booking your flights already. However, if you are someone whom the economy is not being overly kind to then the cost of jetting off overseas may be beyond your reach right now.

However, all is not lost.

Whilst it is only natural to desire the sun of Lanzarote over the snow of London, there are things that you can do to improve your outlook as the mercury continues to falter around the zero mark. In fact, it is actually possible to feel happy and content right where you are if you have the right frame of mind.

This is because feeling a bit of a chill – even in April – is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, enjoying a nice, big cuddle or cosying on down with someone warm and friendly feels so much better when there’s a cold snap in the air. So, forget all about your broken dreams of flying off somewhere warm and instead concentrate on finding someone warm and friendly who enjoys a good cuddle!

Luckily, we here at the Black Label London escort agency have a great many ladies working with us who fit the bill perfectly!

Indeed, it is fair to say that all of the gorgeous London escorts who work with us here at Black Label London appreciate nothing more than sharing a good cuddle when the weather’s looking bleak outside. After all, they feel the cold more than you do as their short skirts and somewhat revealing tops typically leave them very much at the mercy of the elements. So, if you arrange a date with one of our girls and offer them a nice hearty hug when you meet up, you can be sure that they will warm to you very quickly indeed!

Without doubt, our escorts in London are amongst the most huggable people in the entire city; so why worry about jetting off abroad when a nice warm spring is just a phone call away??

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