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The Truth About Blondes

The Truth About Blondes

Stunning Blonde London Models

Variety is the spice of life and here at Black Label London we like to keep things as spicy as possible. That means offering models on incall or outcall, it means girls who are curvy or slim, mature or younger and it means you can fine tune your choice to select the personification of your fantasy girl. We know from experience that, for many of our clients, that means spending time in the delightful company of a dazzling blonde escort.

Friendly and Entertaining

There are lots of clichés surrounding blondes. They say that gentlemen prefer blondes, and that blondes have more fun. Well, we know that Black Label clients are often high powered gentleman with rather discerning tastes, and we can guarantee that the blondes we supply know everything there is to know about having fun. One cliché which Black Label blondes don’t live up to is that of the dumb blonde. Our blondes are as smart as they are stunning, which is what makes them good company in any situation. Try telling them a blonde joke and the chances are they’ll come back with something twice as funny and ten times smarter, because our blondes are companions in every sense of the word, as friendly and entertaining as they are beautiful.

Blonde Escort Electra
In the picture Busty Blonde model Electra

A Few Facts About Blondes

To prove just how seriously we take the appeal of our Black Label blonde girls, here are a few facts about blondes from the realms of history and science:

• One of the reasons why you might prefer blondes is that they tend to be something of a rare delight. Surveys have shown that natural blondes make up just 2% of the population, and you’re more likely to stumble across a dazzling blonde in northern Europe than any other part of the world – especially if you know to search on the Black Label website.

• Probably the first hottest blonde sex symbol was Jean Harlow, star of films such as Hell’s Angels and The Public Enemy. She was so popular at the time that eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes offered a reward of $10,000 for any beautician who could match Harlow’s platinum locks.

• The connotations of blonde hair have changed through the ages. The ancient Greeks saw it as a sign of loose morals, whilst the Romans depicted goddesses such as Aphrodite as having blonde hair, and during the Renaissance artists used blonde hair when portraying angels.

• The appeal of blonde hair used to present a problem for women not lucky enough to be born blonde. The ancient Romans used to use pigeon dropping to dye their hair, whilst in Renaissance Venice the disgusting dye of choice was horse urine. Luckily, since being blonde is as much a lifestyle choice and state of mind as anything else, hydrogen peroxide was discovered in 1867 and has been transforming wannabee blondes ever since.

• Do gentlemen prefer blondes? Surveys have shown that, when it comes to choosing a long term partner, men are more likely to opt for a brunette because they are seen as being more reliable and steady. If you’re looking for a partner to share a few fun hours, on the other hand, a Black Label Blonde elite model is the ideal choice.


We’d love it if you could take the time to write a few words on our website about the fantastic time you had with your Black Label model. After all, nothing highlights the excellence of the service we provide and the girls we employ more clearly than the admiring words of a happy client.

Notes: In the main picture Elite Kensington model Noel

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