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Travel Booking

Travel Bookings


This section of the Black Label London escorts website is dedicated to all the questions, queries, rules & regulations and anything else that might be related to our models traveling.


First of each one of our models is able to travel in some form or another. We have models who are able to travel (without any form of restrictions) anywhere in the world and then we do have models who are able to travel though Europe or specific countries / continents and we also have models who are able to travel on through the United Kingdom.

You can see under each of our models – in their profiles, where they are able to travel. Follow the link to Louise (one of our English escorts – who is able to travel Worldwide) for an example of where they can travel.

We do our best to keep the models travel availability / options, as up to date as we can, but there are times when their circumstances change for the better or for the worse – without informing us.


So how would one go about making a travel booking?

Well, below is a sort of list / guide line of how to make a travel booking:


The ideal way to start the travel booking enquiry/booking is by having all the relevant information. This consists of things, such as:


The location where you are traveling.

When this trip will take place.

Duration of the trip.

Which model/models you would like to accompany you. This is sometimes dictated by the budget, if you have one.

Any particular logistics.


We understand that sometimes one can’t have every single detail planed, but nearly everyone knows where and approximately when they will be traveling and on that notion we will explain the outline for the travel booking process.


So, below is an example of a travel booking.


–   The client has requested on the 1st of January, to book Hanna (a made up model) to visit him in Bombay, India on the 1st of February, for a duration of 5 days.

–     We check with the model if she is free to travel for that date and duration and she is free.

–     Since she does not have an Indian visa – she goes and applies for one, which takes 7-10 days to get.

–     The client has decided to go ahead with the trip and wants us to book the flight for the model. She will be staying with him at his home/hotel (so no hotel booking by us is needed).

–     Due to the fact, this is an international booking with a new client (that we don’t know), the client has to transfer the flight cost in full & 50% deposit off the models fee.

–     Once we have received the transfer we would purchase the tickets and everything would be confirmed.

–   The model would fly on the date requested and arrive at the time requested, where the client would organise transport for her or meet her at the airport.

–   She would stay the requested duration and receive the rest of the outstanding fee, before flying back.


There are many variations to this roleplay scenario. But we don’t have space to go through them all. If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us. And don’t forget the most important thing in travel bookings is give us ample time to arrange – Today for tomorrow, just doesn’t work well.

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