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About London – Quick Guide to Essential London Sights

London is among the largest cities in Europe. Located on the South of the UK, on the river Thames. It is also one of the largest financial centers and the media and one of the more likely elected destinations of immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe. The UK capital is very popular among businessmen and tourists. It is estimated that annually visit about it. 30 million people!

The City of London - Central London
The City of London Panorama

Central London – Historical sketch

It is believed that the first settlements on the territory of modern London dates back to the first years of our era. OK. 45. n. e. for a long time the territory was annexed by the Romans. The capital of the Kingdom Essexu London was already in the XI century and at about this point began its strong development. The capital of England was moved to the city, after the construction of Westminster Palace (now the Parliament), which became the residence of the Royal court.
In 1666. in the city there was a fire, which brought huge losses, is already large after the previous plague. In the XVIII century the city walls were demolished, due to which London has become even more to grow. Modern London was formed from the merger of three cities: Westminster, Southwark, and London proper.

During the Second world war the city has not suffered as much as other European capitals, and now in a good condition preserved the most interesting monuments.
Central London is spanning several boroughs: Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair, Belgravia to name but a few.

Tourist season and weather

London is in the area of Maritime temperate climate, with less average annual rainfall than other areas of the UK. Warmer than I was in July, when average temperature ranges between 13 degrees and 23 degrees. Cold in January, but even then average temperature is positive and ranges from 2 to 8 degrees.

Food & drink

British cuisine is, first of all, frying and baking. Even the bread they eat is fried, in the form of toast, this device. Very popular traditional fish&chips, fish and cheps, and burgers. Dishes, as a rule, little seasoned and served with sauces type HP or BBQ. Classic English Breakfast-toast, fried eggs, sausage, bacon and beans, sometimes with added vegetables.
Drink, of course, tea and beer.
If someone does not want on classic British dishes in London will certainly find something for themselves. There are restaurants serving Italian, Thai and Indian food. You can always book a table at the restaurant serving food cooked by one of the London Michelin star chefs.

CCTV, security

London is a very big city, where a significant percentage of the population are immigrants, from Europe as well as Asia, Africa and the Caribbean region. Happening on the streets to see the beggars or the homeless. Despite this ethnic and cultural mixture, as well as the obvious economic differences, London is the place relatively safe. All thanks to a well-developed network of urban monitoring. At almost every step, in every underpass, on the bus, on the train, on every street corner or just in front of the buildings or in their bowels are hundreds of cameras that break, without tracking what is happening in the city. Many of them are not visible at first glance, but often their availability inform the special labels.
Every important monument is well guarded by local police.

How to get there?

Central London can be reached by car, but this is due to the large cost and the necessity of crossing the English channel. Another option is a trip for example to Paris or Brussels and from there quickly by rail, going to the city centre. The best option, however, is a trip on an airplane. Cheap airline offers well-developed grid connections to the UK. Ticket prices are quite low, and the flight lasts 2.5 hours approx. (depending on city of departure may be longer or shorter).
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