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Black Label Curvy Models – HOT, Fun and Sexy.

Black Label Curvy Models – HOT, Fun and Sexy.

Here at Black Label London we believe in giving our clients exactly what they’re looking for. Many escort agencies might make the same claim, but none can compete with the elite offer of Black Label when it comes to two things – quality and variety. That’s why we’re confident when claiming that the curvy models you’ll find when you look through our galleries are the curviest, most voluptuous and definitely the sexiest you’ll find anywhere.

Elite bootylicious companions

Different people might have different ideas about what makes a model curvy, but it surely includes a full, sensuous bust, a curve of the hips and a rounded body that’s built for pleasure in every sense of the word. It’s the kind of hourglass figure that’s been paraded sexily across magazine pages and cinema screens for decades. If you’ve looked at girls like that, marvelled in their feminine beauty and wondered just what it would feel like to spend time exploring those curves then the time for wondering has come to an end. Make a call to Black Label, select your model, and you’ll soon be discovering that a full figure and stunning curves tend to go hand in hand with a sense of fun and an outgoing spirit of adventure.

Sexy models who deliver

We don’t simple select our curvy girls on the basis of their physical assets, impressive though they undoubtedly are. We guarantee our clients a good time, and that means sharing the company of a girl who’s got a personality to match her full-figured beauty. We interview all of our models in depth and only take on those who are intelligent, warm and friendly. Most importantly, they have to have the ‘x’ factor- that special something which means that, a soon as you set eyes on your curvy girl, you know you’re going to be in for an experience you’ll never forget.
It could be the way those curves have been poured into an outfit that shows off every one of them, and accentuates a full, firm, busty figure which- whether natural or enhanced – seems to defy gravity. It could be the confident way in which your curvy girl is more than happy to show off her amazing assets, and the cheeky glint in her eye which sends out the signal that she knows exactly how to extract the maximum fun from her curves. It could be the fact that curves often belong to a slightly more mature model who has the experience and skills to provide perfect companionship. Whatever it is that makes a curvy girl special, the Black Label model you choose will have plenty of it, crammed into the kind of package that’s deigned to set pulses racing.

Young curvy escort
Young Curvy Escort Manuela

Something special for posterior lovers

Whether you keep your curvaceous stunner all to yourself or decide to show her off and soak up the envious glances being thrown at the drop-dead beauty on your arm, we can promise a genuinely high-end experience. Our girls offer the ideal companion, able to accompany you to the likes of a high flying networking event or business lunch with grace and style, and then unleash an altogether wilder side of themselves when you get them on their own and explore each and every inch of those curves.

Curvy Arab Companion
Voluptuous Arab Companion Sabeen

Best curvy companions in London

We’re not the only London escort agency, but we can say with certainty that we’re the best. Our clients and our models are simply head and shoulders above the rest, and that happens because we’re so careful about the companions we take onto our books. We genuinely get to know the girls who want to work with us because we’re looking for a unique blend of personality and beauty. Many of our escorts are already working as professional models, and while that guarantees they’ll look stunning, they’ll only make it as Black Label girls if they can hold a conversation, express their personality and offer the promise of fun and companionship.


In the main picture stunning Elite Curvaceous Model Daniella

To book your  curvy escort in London or Dubai please visit or contact us via email / +44 (0) 750 777 0070

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