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There’s an old saying that states that the best things come in small packages and the tiny principality of Monaco is testament to the fact that this is more than just a cliché.  It is the second smallest state in the world and has a population which would fit quite comfortably into the average Premier League football team stadium, but its position, on the Mediterranean coast, and its air of luxury and opulence make it well worth a visit.

This air of luxury is created by the fact that the tax system favoured by Monaco means that a high percentage – as high as 30% according to some estimates – of the people who live there are actually millionaires many times over. It’s no coincidence that most of the travel guides dealing with Monaco contain instructions on how to go about making your way their if you happen to be arriving by helicopter or yacht, but even those of us ‘only’ traveling by common or garden jet plane can easily reach Monaco, flying into Nice airport and then travelling the final 30 kilometres by road or rail.

Once you reach Monaco, its diminutive stature means that walking is often the easiest and most enjoyable means of exploring and getting around. Driving a car is not recommended, as the density of the population makes parking all but impossible, although fans of Formula One might wish to take a spin if only for the chance to claim that they’ve driven on the iconic circuit around the streets.

No visit to Monaco would really be complete without taking a look inside the Grand Casino in Monte Carlo. Even if you don’t wish to gamble, the opulence of the interior is worth seeing for its’ own sake, and it should be noted that the dress code for entry is extremely strict. If you really want to experience life as one of the locals then follow a trip to the casino by either chartering a boat for the day – local firms offer everything from humble boats to luxury super yachts – or hiring a super car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a few hours. Of course, you may have arrived in a sports car of your own, in which case rest assured Monaco will feel like a home from home.

In terms of historical interest, Monaco-Ville or ‘the rock’ is the most fascinating part of Monaco, taking the form of a medieval village packed with winding streets, which is also the home of Monaco Cathedral, the Prince’s Palace and the Oceanographic Museum, as well as a host of shops, hotels and restaurants.

The opulent backdrop of Monaco is enough to convince most people to indulge themselves, and nothing could be more indulgent than enjoying the company of one of our Monaco escorts. The girls supplied by Black Label London escorts are perfect for a backdrop as up market and refined as this. Our Monaco escorts combine the stunning good looks of models with a breath-taking array of skills and friendly and appealing personalities, and they’ll do everything it takes to make your stay in Monaco both relaxing and pleasurable. Contact us today to find out just how professional and discreet we are, and to arrange a meeting with the Monaco escort of your choosing.

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